Vehicle Mods, data analysis, round three

We pulled the Vehicle back today to make a few changes pertaining to the tether mount. After abusing it the last two days, I wasn’t too happy with it – and neither was anyone else. We decided to replace it with a much stronger welded steel peice.

So we thrashed all day to take care of that as well as a few annoying leaks and extraneous parts. No tests today, but a few shots of us in the shop.

Anyone need tickets to the Gun show?

I know these probably look staged – but we literally had everyone crawling all over the thing all day (Well except Dave and I, I sat at the welder welding things that people handed me). That’s how much effort it takes to make a few basic changes and get it back ready for testing. These are really complex systems and it takes a lot of man hours to get things changed and make sure they are right.