Space Access & Igniter Qualification

Masten Space Systems will be out in force at Space Access ’08 in Phoenix later this week. Almost everyone involved with the company will be there, and a number of us will be presenting:

  • at 4:50 pm on Friday, Dave Masten will be giving the general Masten Space Systems update.
  • at 8 pm on Friday, the Space Propellant Depots Panel will be led by Jon Goff
  • at 8 pm on Thursday, our un-indicted co-conspirator Ian Kluft will be on the panel Paths to Rocket Piloting
  • at 4 pm on Friday, I (Ben Brockert) will be giving a brief presentation on Students for the Exploration and Development
    of Space
  • and, at 4:20 on Thursday, Ian Kluft will be talking about the Stratofox Aerospace Tracking Team.

It looks like it will be an interesting conference. Say hello if you’re there and you read this blog.

We’ll have an update here about MSS’s progress and future direction after we get back.

If you’re not bored with the igniter stuff yet, I think you will be by the end of this video. The igniter is not the only thing we’re working on, but I spent a day running it through qualification last week and it’s something I can share right now. It currently has 632 firings and 1578 seconds of cumulative fire time, and has shown the ability to operate correctly under a wide variety of operating conditions. It has officially passed its qualification testing and is ready to be used on the 750lb thrust engine.