Intern update

It’s been a bit more than three months since our fall interns started. They’re finishing up their internships, and we sent out notifications for the Spring a while back, but failed to post it here. There’s a nice photo at the end for those not interested in internships.

Derek Jensen from Iowa State headed back home late last week. He was a great help in finishing up the plumbing of the trailer, doing some wiring, spending a bunch of time on the throttle valves, and spent a good bit of time out at the test site helping on tests, as well as a bunch of other tasks.

Derek loading liquid oxygen into XA-0.1B

Derek loading liquid oxygen on XA-0.1B

Aditya Madhavan has been working on electrical stuff, assisting in testing, fabricating parts, and a bunch of other stuff. We’re into his last week now.

Dave and Aditya inspect the blast deflector after we melted through more than an inch of concrete

Dave and Aditya inspect the blast deflector after we melted through more than an inch of concrete

Our third intern, Tara N. Tula, takes care of the telemarketers:
A friendly fuzzy guest at the test site.
We found this guy at the test site. Ian was bothering it, which is why it looks unhappy.

We’re open for one more internship for the winter/spring semester. Standard blurb follows:

Masten Space Systems is a Mojave, California based aerospace R&D startup that is working to create reliable and reusable rocket vehicles and components. As part of our on-going propulsion and flight vehicle development projects, we are offering a full-time internship for this spring.

The general timeline for the internship is as follows:

  • Resumes and applications are due in by Wednesday, December 10
  • Telephone interviews will be held between December 8-12
  • Offers will be sent out on December 15
  • Offers need to be accepted by December 19
  • Work starts in January, and lasts 3-4 months total, depending on availability.

Working out of our Mojave, California facilities, you would be directly involved with a variety of interesting projects and would gain experience in working for an innovative space company. You must be a US person (US citizen or permanent resident).

Projects you would be working on include testing state-of-the-art rocket engines, flight testing vertical take off/vertical landing rocket vehicles, fabricating and testing components for future projects, and evaluating new hardware concepts.

We are looking for people who have direct experience building, troubleshooting, and testing actual devices: people who know how to use tools and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. You do not have to have experience on a liquid fueled rocket engine, but we want people who have hardware experience, perhaps working on a car or plane, flying an amateur rocket project, or building a robot. Specific applicable skills include:

  • Mechanical assembly, especially of pressurized systems
  • Machine shop skills, working with tools to make things out of metal or composites
  • The ability to run an experiment, record data, and figure out what the data means
  • Installing and wiring an electrical system, possibly including radio controls or computer programming
  • Experience with Labview, Solidworks, and/or Matlab.

You don’t have to have all those skills, but having a variety is a plus. You must have a willingness to learn, pay attention to detail, be able to take initiative, and be open to working on a variety of
different projects and experiences. Being able to work well with a small team of people is absolutely essential.

In addition, we have ongoing programs that involve rocket propulsion, mechanism design, electrical engineering, or wireless telemetry. If you have experience in one of those areas, we may assign you your own project where you will be responsible for the design and execution of a component or subsystem.

If you are interested in a fun spring, working on big rockets and unique vehicles, please fill out the application found at and send it and a copy of
your resume to You are also welcome to send photos and/or a description of past projects you have worked on.