We’re Hiring!

We’ve opened the hiring doors a bit wider! If you dig around, you’ll find a new Careers page, and added a handful of job descriptions for positions we’re looking to fill shortly. There are some very exciting things brewing for Masten Space Systems – things we can’t talk about publicly, but if you join the team you’ll get the inside scoop. Positions we’re looking to fill include:

We’re also accepting resumes from other qualified engineers with industry experience. If they don’t match an area we’re currently hiring in, we’ll keep it on file and give you a call when something does open up.

This is a great time to join the Masten Space Systems team. We’re flying higher and faster than ever before as we complete our flight test program on Xombie, assemble and flight test AeroXoie, and begin development on Xogdor. Come join us in our quest for solar system domination!