Meet Xaero

We’ve been heads down building rockets, redesigning engines to eek out better performance, and preparing for our first CRuSR flights, but we wanted to take half a second to come up for air and give you a sneak peak of what will be flying over Mojave soon!

Meet Xaero. Formerly known as Brutus, Xaero has a carbon fiber aeroshell, the latest rev of our all-aluminum engine – the Cyclops-AL-3 – producing 1150lbf, and some new electronics. This picture give a hint at what Xaero will look like fully assembled.



We’ve also quietly added three more awesome people to our team. David Mark Bushman has 15+ years experience at NASA in project and program management, an MBA, and has been doing a fantastic job in a project management and senior engineer position for a few months now. Sean Mahoney has extensive startup experience on the business side, an MBA, and a background in sales. He joins the Atlanta office fulltime. Jonathan Powers was an (already graduated) intern from our Fall 2010 batch that worked out so well we wouldn’t let him leave.

Dave mentioned in an interview a couple of months ago that our initial CRuSR flights were scheduled for December. Due to a couple schedule slips here and there, we’ve rescheduled them for January and continue to track on the (new) schedule.

That’s all from Mojave. Some updates coming soon to a few things – so keep an eye out and follow us on Twitter if you don’t already (@mastenspace). Time to go heads-down and get this thing in the air!