Flight Opportunities and Payload Guide

As November has rolled into December, we’re still on the warpath testing rockets and making some good progress we’ll share with you soon.

As you might be aware, Masten has received multiple contracts from the Flight Opportunities Program, which pays for flights aboard reusable suborbital vehicles for qualified research experiments. The program has an open procurement right now soliciting payloads for flight, for which the deadline is December 16, 2011. One of the vehicles currently available for flight through this program is Masten’s Xaero.

If you’re a researcher, scientist, or developer that wants to hitch a ride on a suborbital rocket, we highly encourage you to apply for the program. This includes payloads for high altitude flights that provide microgravity as well as payloads designed to test out descent and landing technologies on vehicles with precision landing. Even if you can’t make the December 16 deadline, you can still apply (details on NASA’s site) to be considered in the next payload call.

Masten is also excited to announce the release of our Payload User’s Guide today. This should provide some information on the capabilities of our vehicles and the environment expected aboard our vehicles.

If you want to discuss details or talk to someone at Masten about how the payload might work on a Masten vehicle, call my cell at 678-551-2253.


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