Announcing Postgraduate Fellowships

We’re about to embark on a historic year for Masten Space Systems. Team members will be part of test flight firsts, the design and construction of some of the most advanced suborbital test vehicles ever built, and fulfillment of some unique contracts that will further establish Masten as the world leader in VTVL technology.

We’re excited today to announce postgraduate fellowships! We’ve had a number of insanely smart people come through our internship after graduation from college with one or more degrees – including a large percentage of the current team that have transitioned from that role to join our fulltime staff. In a sense, this is the formalization of a process that has been very beneficial for both Masten and our interns for years.

This opening is for someone looking to break into the field of commercial space. We value hard work, hands-on experience, gumption, and relentless perseverance. We’ll weight heavily in favor of people with hands-on experience in at least one of the following areas:

  • UAV development
  • Robotics
  • Mechatronics
  • High performance rocketry / Liquid propulsion

We’re looking for people who can apply their trade in multiple of the following disciplines:

  • Software (C, Matlab, Python, and MongoDB experience desired)
  • GN&C
  • Structures
  • Aerodynamics
  • Composites
  • Liquid Propulsion & Rocket Plumbing
  • Electrical Engineering & Embedded Systems

You’ll be expected to join the team in Mojave, CA for 3-6 months as a functioning full team member and manage a number of projects in your area while working with our fulltime staff. You’ll also participate in rocket test operations (a real drag), operate a computer (upon further review, intended humor did not translate to text), and turn wrenches with the best of ’em. Get ready to pack your work boots and make waves with what is the busiest little rocket company in Mojave!

Please apply here.

As always, we welcome all applicants to our internship program – our summer internship applications close on February 3. Get your applications in now!