February Flight Frenzy!

We finished our work early and now we have extra time for you!

As a result, a special one-time deal can be yours this February. Think of it as our Valentine’s Day present to the space community.

For projects that can fly by the end of February, we’re offering an open loop flight on our award-winning Xombie VTVL rocket for your sensor or experiment. You can choose from an 60 second hop up to 500 meters in altitude OR a translation flight 51 meters down range across the Mojave desert.

Your open-loop, self contained payload will collect real world data, gain valuable flight heritage, and have the opportunity to join the exclusive club of Xombie payloads.

In the legendary windswept high desert of Mojave, California, you will join the ranks of other Masten clients such as the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. You will be on the cutting edge of rocket-as-a-service technology and secure bragging rights with proof that you were one of the first.

With your flight you will receive luxury accommodations at the Mojave Days Inn, breakfast with Masten founder and CTO Dave Masten at Stoken Doughnuts, and a guided tour of the Masten production facility. But that’s not all! You’ll also receive three years’ worth of stories, a shoeful of Mojave rocket dust, and a video of your flight.

All this for the unbelievable low price of $99,563. (Over 25% off the list price!)

Contact your local Masten rep today for more details. In your area, contact

Colin Ake – 678-551-2253

Limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply. Not available in all locations. 

Come see what we can do for you – at Masten… We Fly!


So we hope that was entertaining, but we do actually have excess capacity for Xombie flights in February. If you have a payload that could benefit from a flight on board Xombie, we could absolutely put air underneath it extraordinarily quickly. And though GroupOn wasn’t a good fit, we are willing to cut a deal on price in the month of February.

Reach out if you want to get on board one of our rockets. We’d love to help you fly, too!