Joy and Sadness

Most of the time these blog posts update you on just a glimpse of what’s going on behind the curtain over here at Masten, and the man behind that curtain for most of those posts over the last three plus years has been Colin. Today’s post is a little different.

Today, it is both with joy and sadness that I announce that after years of service to Masten and New Space, Colin is hanging up his rocket spurs. The sadness part isn’t hard to understand. Colin has served as the face of the team for years, and has done even more back here behind the curtain. In fact, most of the team that exists today was recruited in one way or another by Colin. That includes me. It takes a rare gift to meet the challenge of a chaotic startup environment, and Masten is forever better for Colin’s enthusiasm for the company, for the clients, and for the industry.

But there is also joy. Joy for Colin as he leaves us to return to his alma mater, Georgia Tech, in a role as a facilitator and champion for technology transfer. If you haven’t encountered Georgia Tech’s VentureLab or the sister group, Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), they are the anchors of GT’s incubator program – one that is widely recognized as one of the best in the US. (And now we have another space entrepreneur in their midst?)

There is joy here at Masten as well (and not just ’cause he’s loud, we share hotel rooms, and he snores a lot). His departure also gives us cause to look back over the course we’ve navigated over his tenure. It really is impressive how far Masten has come since the Lunar Lander Challenge in 2009.

I’ll hand the keyboard back to Colin:

The last three and a half years (four and a half, if you count my time as an intern) have given me the unique opportunity to pour my blood, sweat and tears into Masten. This place is awesome and I love it here. After helping organize the chaos into (slightly) less chaos, building strong relationships with people across the industry, and helping build an incredible team, another challenge beckons.

Where I’m headed: GT’s VentureLab was just recently named the #2 university business incubator in the world. They focus on building hard science and hardware startups forged from technology found deep in the heart of research labs across campus. I have a lot to learn and a lot of experience from Masten to build upon. I’ll be back at the heart of a small company soon enough, but for now I’m off to help build many other companies.

Thanks to Dave and Joel for bringing me on and to everyone at Masten I’ve met along the way. And of course thanks to everyone I’ve met in industry for good conversation and great friendships we’ve struck up over the past couple of years. When you’re in Atlanta, come see me over at VentureLab!

Thanks, Colin. We wish you well and officially enshrine you in the august ranks of Masten Alumni.

Sean Mahoney
Chief Executive Officer
Masten Space Systems