Introducing Xodiac and XaeroB

Introducing the next generation of reusable rockets – Masten’s Xodiac and XaeroB.

These two new rockets are designed and built on the success of their predecessors – Xombie, Xoie, and Xaero. For those who have followed us, you will see the obvious connection to our previous vehicles. With this new iteration, we are bringing greater capability and more flexibility to better to serve our partners.

Both Xodiac (open frame) and XaeroB (aeroshell) share the core architecture that has powered Masten’s rockets to date – LOX/IPA; pressure fed, regeneratively cooled engine; Masten avionics and GNC. The two new vehicles also share many of the same components, enabling Masten to have more efficient operations and less risk of service interruption.


These new rocket vehicles continue to offer the features of Masten terrestrial test bed:
– precision vertical landing
– custom flight profile
– rapid iteration
– custom physical/mechanical integration
– rocket powered station keeping


This flexible, adaptable platform is available now to help you solve challenges that limited access to space imposes.

Leap over that TRL valley of death. Get real world data. Fly.

Drop us a line to start taking advantage of these new vehicles and enhanced capabilities.


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