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23 Jul

A brief update….

For all of you who have been wondering what’s going on – and why things are so quiet as of late… We have two things going on. The first is that our vehicle’s frame was breaking, badly. We decided to take the time and tear it apart and replace a lot of the aluminum members

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13 Jul

More Video

Nothing really amazing here. Just sneaking up on how high the liftoff throttle has to be. As you can see, we didn’t figure it out in any of these tests. 5 tests in a day tho, I think thats pretty good.

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12 Jul

Large Step forward.

We discovered that it helps if your hinges are moving the way you think they are moving them. 180* out tends to cause big problems – like the vehicle inexplicably flying off the stand and stuff. So after fixing that, we were able to do this: Lit all 4 engines, and it just sat there.

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05 Jul

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of july. We tried to make fireworks, so to speak – but had a small IPA leak that caused us to scrub. A brief update about where we are – we are starting to gather data on the control system in order to figure out why

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30 Jun

First week of tether tests concluded

Well, yesterday (Friday) wrapped up our first week of tether testing. No, we aren’t flying yet (it just so happens no one in our company is named superman.) We are however, making steady progress. I would like to list the top 10 things WE think are significant victories. Fundamental Victories: 1.) We haven’t destroyed our

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29 Jun

More testing, More data, and…

Some really encouraging results. We have realized two things in our testing thusfar. The problems are related. 1.) Our engines don’t start at the same time. Duh. Welcome to the real world. 2.) Because they don’t start at the same time, the vehicle experiences various moments during the startup phase. If the startup thrust is

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27 Jun

Vehicle Mods, data analysis, round three

We pulled the Vehicle back today to make a few changes pertaining to the tether mount. After abusing it the last two days, I wasn’t too happy with it – and neither was anyone else. We decided to replace it with a much stronger welded steel peice. So we thrashed all day to take care

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26 Jun

More testing, slightly better results

One test today. We poured over data all day and have a theory about what is going on. We ran a test, and now have more data to pour over tomorrow. To the untrained eye, pretty much the same as yesterday. However, there are some marked improvements.

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25 Jun

MSS officially enters flight testing

Today, we officially entered our flight test regime. We test flew the vehicle four times with varying amounts of success. No flight is anything near stable, but we have identified the reasons for such and are making some changes. That’s why it’s called testing. I won’t say that we wernt really hoping it would just

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24 Jun

1, 2, 3, 4, liftoff ?

Well, almost. There was a chain, but it was slightly slacked. Here’s what we did. Two: Three: Four: Again: So, here’s the description. Two was the result of insufficient LOX prime. We have struggled with this for a while but I think we have finally figured it out today. Three was the result of a

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