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23 Dec

The Next Generation of Space Explorer

Hey all, Things have finally settled down long enough for me to put up a quick blog post. As Dave mentioned, while we were out in Utah visiting my family for a week, Tiff’s water broke and we had our baby–Jonathan Spencer Goff. He was exactly 6 weeks early, weighing in at a scrawny 4lb

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18 Dec

It’s a Boy!

Seems Jon Goff has been working on more than just our igniter. Jonathan “Little Jon” Spencer Goff was born at around 6 PM Mountain time on Thursday. He came a bit early, but he and his parents are doing well. Jonathon promises pictures as soon as he is able. Congratulations Jon!!

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26 Nov

Igniter Update

It’s been nearly three weeks since my last entry, and seeing as how everyone else is out of town this weekend, I figured now would be a good time to write an update. As you could guess, a lot has been going on since mt last post. The ceramic bead catalyst ended up arriving from

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14 Nov

The BD Team Pays A Visit

As some of you know I’m the VP of Business Development and that I’m based out of Atlanta. Occasionally I make a visit to the office when I’m out in the Bay Area and this past week was one of those occasions. I also brought my camera and took some pictures that don’t normally make

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06 Nov

Wired Igniter

Well, I’ve got the igniter all wired up. I decided to use multipole connectors to connect the solenoid valves to the control box. I’m using the same PLC that I had for the BYU igniter, but this one has 24VDC valves, so each valve draws less current. I was able to make the modifications to

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22 Oct

More Igniter Progress

Well, I’m going to keep this one fairly short. We just finished GOX cleaning all the plumbing, adding the GN2 purge line and check valve, and installing the instrumentation (pressure transducers and thermocouples). We will have pressure and temperature data for both the GOX and the GH2 upstream of their metering orfices, and we will

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14 Oct

Second Generation Igniter Progress

Now that things are getting settled down after the big move from Provo to Santa Clara, the next generation of catalytic igniter is beginning to take shape. Also, the rocket test trailer that Pierce designed is beginning to come together too now that all our equipment is in for oxygen cleaning.

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28 Sep

Preliminary Igniter Work Completed

Well, it’s been over a week since my last update, and as of a few hours ago, our preliminary igniter work was finished. Over the past several days, we’ve fired the igniter off several times using several different styles of catalyst in order to determine which would work the best for our needs. So far,

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18 Sep

Qualified Igniter Success

As planned last week, this week I was able to get all the controls taken care of. The PLC programming took a little longer than planned, but ended up working fairly well. The wiring and controls ended up being a lot easier than I anticipated. After installing the pressure transducers that came in today, the

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