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17 Sep

Test trailer arrives

The trailer we’re using to be our enclosed test stand arrived Wednesday afternoon. The test stand needs to be enclosed because it rains heavily all winter around us. This is a serious problem for LOX equipment, since water ice at LOX temperatures is very hard and tends to do things like clog up valves. The

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10 Sep

Igniter Progress 9 Sept 04

Well, time for another update on the igniter project. After spending several hours in the machine shop over the past few days, I’m finally done with all the major machining for the igniter body, and have also finished all of the plumbing. The design didn’t come out 100% as I had intended it, but the

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01 Sep

More Igniter Progress

I’m a little bit behind schedule from what I had predicted last week, however things are still moving forward. I had intended to start machining on the igniter assembly earlier this afternoon, but after consulting with the ME Dept. machine shop supervisor here at BYU, he suggested some redesigns. It turns out that my original

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30 Aug

Test stand painted

The test stand came back from the paint shop. Can you sense a color scheme developing between the webpage and the test stand? The image is a little washed out due to the brightness of the Santa Clara sun.

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27 Aug

Experimenting with Google Adwords

Depending on what you google for you should start seeing google adwords showing up for our products and services. Its an experiment so they may disappear depending on cost/return.

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27 Aug

Igniter Update 26 Aug 2004

Ok, this month has been rather busy, what with getting very sick, and other things, but I’ve finally got the igniter plumbing installed, GOX cleaned, and leak checked. Next step is to finish building the actual igniter body, putting together the telemetry and controls, and programming the PLC that we just got in. Here’s the

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24 Aug

Test stand thrust frame completed

Last night, I finished fabricating the thrust frame for our test stand. It will be mounted on our test stand trailer when the trailer arrives, scheduled for the middle of September. This frame will carry the thrust from the engine under test down to the structure of the trailer. Later today, I am going to

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11 Aug

Masten Space Systems Is Open For Business

Santa Clara, CA, August 16, 2004 – A new entrant in the rapidly expanding space industry emerged today as Masten Space Systems broke its silence by unveiling its new website,, and vehicle development plans. The site contains details on the XA-1 suborbital launch vehicle the company will be developing over the next few years.

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03 Aug

Igniter Progress 3Aug04

Ok, this is my first time blogging, so I hope you’re all patient with me. I just want to give a brief update of the catalytic torch igniter development project. As a little background, this project was actually started by the BYU Space Development Club back in 2003, as a potential low-cost restartable rocket igniter.

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