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25 Jan

Announcing Postgraduate Fellowships

We’re about to embark on a historic year for Masten Space Systems. Team members will be part of test flight firsts, the design and construction of some of the most advanced suborbital test vehicles ever built, and fulfillment of some unique contracts that will further establish Masten as the world leader in VTVL technology. We’re excited today

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09 Oct

Introducing Scimitar

I’m often reminded of an inspirational quote from a truly great self-made man: “I’m on to the next one On to the next one On to the next one On to the next one On to the next one On to the next one On to the next one Hold up, freeze Somebody bring me

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18 Sep


Last week we encountered a sub system failure in flight that necessitated turning the rocket off while still in the air. Landing at that point winds up considerably rearranging the rocket into rocket parts. Since then we’ve heard from a lot of folks offering support, encouragement, and concern. Thank you. Please know that the team

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11 Sep

Xaero Test Update

Today, Masten Space Systems conducted a flight test of Xaero to 1 km altitude with the intention of testing flight controls at higher ascent and descent velocities. Our test objectives were met and initial results show the vehicle performed better than expected at altitude. However, the vehicle was lost during final approach to landing, and

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16 Aug

Xombie 750 Meter Downrange Flight, Precision Landing

You may have noticed we’ve been flying Xombie a lot lately doing some interesting things. We just finished the third leg of a flight campaign on Xombie that expands the boundaries of what we believe to be the nation’s leading terrestrial landing testbed. We are working hard to deliver a way to test systems at

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03 Jul

Xaero: 444 for the 4th!

Happy Independence Day from Masten headquarters! It’s been a while since we released a video but trust us, we’ve been busy! In addition to multiple client projects and bending metal in the shop on yet-to-be-unveiled rocket hardware, we’ve been spending a significant amount of time on Xaero, culminating in a flight to 444 meters AGL

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21 May

Katana First Fire

Hello from Mojave! It’s time for some video of some new hardware! On Friday, we fired Masten Space Systems’ newest engine prototype, the Katana class KA5S at our test site in Mojave, CA. In this video, you’ll see a 2 second mid-throttle run on a new engine test trailer designed to test engines significantly larger than

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16 Feb

Why Precision Landing?

We’ve received a number of inquiries about precision landing and why it’s important to us – shouldn’t we be focusing on high altitude suborbital vehicles? The short version is that it addresses a major market need and provides near-term customers for us as we develop our long-term launch capability. That said, it also is an

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23 Dec

Happy Holidays from Masten!

As our team got ready to head home for the holidays yesterday, we took a minute to decorate Xaero and take a picture. From all of us at Masten to you, we wish you a safe and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and some relaxing downtime for you and yours! See you in 2012!

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12 Dec

Flight Opportunities and Payload Guide

As November has rolled into December, we’re still on the warpath testing rockets and making some good progress we’ll share with you soon. As you might be aware, Masten has received multiple contracts from the Flight Opportunities Program, which pays for flights aboard reusable suborbital vehicles for qualified research experiments. The program has an open

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