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26 May

Masten Space Re-Lights Rocket Engine in Flight

Masten Space Re-Lights Rocket Engine in Flight MOJAVE, Calif., May 26 /PRNewswire/ — Masten Space Systems, a leader in vertical take off, vertical landing (VTVL) rocket vehicles, successfully demonstrated in-air engine re-light capability today at the company’s test facility in Mojave, CA. Xombie, Masten’s most-flown vehicle, carried out the test Wednesday and became the first

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25 May

XCOR and Masten Announce Strategic Relationship for NASA Landers Business

May 25th, 2010, Mojave, CA, USA: XCOR Aerospace and Masten Space Systems, two of the leaders in the New Space sector, have announced a strategic business and technology relationship to pursue jointly the anticipated NASA sponsored unmanned lander projects. These automated lander programs are expected to serve as robotic test beds on Earth, on the

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04 May

We’re Hiring!

We’ve opened the hiring doors a bit wider! If you dig around, you’ll find a new Careers page, and added a handful of job descriptions for positions we’re looking to fill shortly. There are some very exciting things brewing for Masten Space Systems – things we can’t talk about publicly, but if you join the

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19 Feb

MSS Provides Flight to New Mexico Student Team

Boulder, Colorado – February 18, 2010 – Masten Space Systems announced that it is offering the winner of the Next-generation Suborbital Research Conference 2010 Student Suborbital Experiment Competition a free zero gravity flight. The winning proposal was New Mexico State University’s “Experimental Validation of a Robotics-Based Inertial Property Identification Algorithm for Orbiting Spacecraft.” The flight

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04 Jan

Person Of The Year: The Space Entrepreneur – Aviation Week

The quiet work of space entrepreneurs is becoming reality, and metal and fire are streaking through the upper atmosphere into low Earth orbit. (Photo: Chad Slattery)…. Working quietly in the background since the days of viewgraphs, a group of space entrepreneurs has long been pitching far-fetched ideas to skeptical moneymen with the fervor of evangelists.

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30 Dec

Looking to 2010

We have had an incredible year. All the components and subsystems have finally come together into 2 flying vehicles. We designed and built the 750-LIT all aluminum engine, reworked Xombie from a 4 engine vehicle into a single engine vehicle, built Xoie in just 6 weeks, and cleaned up the NG-LLC. 2010 promises to be

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04 Dec

Spring Internship

As always, no moment like the last. As our internship page says, December 6 is the deadline for applications for the spring internship. That’s Sunday. Please feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested. It’s a little known fact, but we don’t actually require interns to be current students.

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08 Nov

Last Week’s Awards Event

From left to right, George Nield, Associate Administrator of Commercial Space Transportation, FAA; Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator; Doug Comstock, Director, Innovative Partnerships Program, NASA; David Masten, CEO, Masten Space Systems; Phil Eaton, VP, Operations, Armadillo Aerospace; U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX); Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation and Mitch Waldman, VP, Advanced Programs

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