So we build very efficient reusable rockets – but what does that mean for you? How can these rockets be harnessed to benefit scientists, researchers, and companies?

Atmospheric Research

We pass through the upper atmosphere frequently and offer the opportunity to collect unique and novel directly collected datasets from the upper atmosphere. Contact us to be involved!

GN&C Testbed

Masten’s vehicles offer unique opportunities to test new GN&C code before involving it in a critical mission to an extraterrestrial body. Let’s talk about how to integrate your system with our launch vehicles.


One of the original applications for suborbital rockets was testing solar rays. Masten offers the opportunity to study the Earth, the Sun, and many other extraterrestrial bodies best surveyed from above the atmosphere.


Offering up to five minutes of microgravity in the near term and more in the future, Masten’s unmanned suborbital launch vehicles provide premium microgravity and an ability to return to the pad for experiment retrieval.

Plume Impingement

Are you working on plume mitigation? We provide unique hover ability at any height from a surface and are more than willing to provide a hot rocket for your experiments or research.

Technology Maturation

If you’re in search of flight opportunities, look no further than Masten’s launch vehicles. Whether you’re in search of testing in a relevant space environment or flight heritage, we’ll fly your hardware or software.