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07 Jul

Engine Hinge Test Video

Nothing huge but we’re in the midst of assembling XA 0.1 for its first tests soon. Parts are coming in quickly so we’re able to test bits as they appear. This is a little old but I thought people might be interested. This shows a dummy engine in its frame with the electro-mechanical actuator moving

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21 Jun

The Move to Mojave

We are all exhausted. We packed up the entire shop and moved it to our new digs at Mojave Aiport over the past few days. Some of us are still looking for apartments and we’re all hot, dirty and very tired. Back to engineering tomorrow, though! This is a picture of XA 0.1 having just

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18 Apr

New Service Offers Payloads to Space for $99

NOTE: The introductory offer listed below has expired. For current Masten service offers, please check our homepage. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (This press release for our payload slots went out at 9:00 on April 18, 2006) New Service Offers Payloads to Space for $99 SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 18 /PRNewswire/ — For $99 anyone can now send a payload

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13 Apr

Taking Payload Orders!

We have officially begun taking payload slot orders. Payloads are generally sold in 1 kilogram increments at $250 per kilo. For those that want a standardized form factor we are offering CanSat flights. A CanSat is the same size as a standard 12 oz soda can with a mass limit of 350 grams. You can

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09 Apr

Engine Dev Update

I picked up a new video camera. Thus, even better pictures and video of the engine tests. As you can see above, the shock diamonds are not as washed out as in previous pictures and movies. One of the mixed blessings about the new camera is the image stabilizer. It helps in getting crisper pictures,

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31 Mar

Sponsorships for Lunar Lander Challenge Entry

As many of your may have guessed, we plan on competing for the Lunar Lander Challenge this October. We haven’t put out a huge media splash since the rules and agreements haven’t been officially signed. But we are starting to prepare for it as you will see over the next few months. To get things

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29 Mar

The New Engine Chamber

I’m rather happy with how our testing is progressing over the last several weeks. Jon, Ian, and Pierce are getting this down to an art. More significantly we’re to the point where we can now go out to do a test and learn from the test what we want to learn. As I mentioned earlier,

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28 Mar

MSS At Science Teachers Conference in Anaheim April 6-9

We are going to be exhibiting at the National Conference on Science Education in Anaheim, California from April 6th through the 9th. Our booth number is 557. During the show we will have surveys on hand for anyone in the K-12 community to fill out. At the end of the day on Saturday we will

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13 Mar

Engine Testing

We’re getting pretty good at firing rocket engines. We’re not so good about noticing that it’s dark and time to go home. We did somewhere in the vicinity of 25 runs yesterday. I don’t have logs in front of me so I’ll leave it as an approximate number. That brings us to well over one

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26 Feb

Looking For a Few Good Rocket Nerds

Now that the draft rules are out for the Lunar Lander Analog challenge, we’ve decided that we want to bring on some additional help. In the near term, we will be offering two part-time engineer/technician internships, which will be starting within the next two weeks, and we will probably bring on an additional two or

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