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17 Apr

Post Space Access Technical Update

The company had its annual migration to Phoenix two weeks ago for Space Access 2009, and we figured it was about time for a technical update. Changing Directions on XA-0.1B We have had some ups and downs since our last update, and a recent change in directions. This is a picture of XA-0.1b doing its

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01 Mar

Progress on all fronts

XA-0.1B We’ve now tested all four of the engines on XA-0.1B, including the one that took the brunt of the crash of XA-0.1. All of them worked, though we’ve been finding small issues that have needed to be resolved as we go. I think we’re all looking forward to retiring these engine modules. They have

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29 Jan

New Engine Enters Testing

Everyone here has been busy. Early this week our new 750 lb thrust engine entered testing. Here are two videos from the first firing: In slow motion: The low down skinny on this engine: Regeneratively cooled, LOX/Isopropanol, nominal 250 psi chamber pressure putting out 750 lbs thrust. Nozzle expansion is ideal at 150 psi chamber

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10 Jan

Our Submission to the NASA Transition Team

Back on December 17th we met with a representative of President-Elect Obama’s NASA Transition Team to discuss our thoughts about NASA and the commercial space sector. As requested we submitted our one pager of notes from the meeting. As of yesterday they have been posted to the website. Here is what the document said:

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09 Dec

Intern update

It’s been a bit more than three months since our fall interns started. They’re finishing up their internships, and we sent out notifications for the Spring a while back, but failed to post it here. There’s a nice photo at the end for those not interested in internships.

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09 Dec

Return to hot testing

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve updated. We’ll do more updates as time permits, but for now some photos and videos… We’ve been firing engines for about a month now, and working out various bugs in the system as they have showed up. We’ve verified two of the four engines and started giving Ian’s

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16 Sep

September 2008 Update

It’s been several months since I’ve done any sort of comprehensive update on our various projects, so I wanted to take some time today to get everything up to speed on what we’ve been doing lately. To keep things somewhat less long-winded, I’m going to focus just on the technical side of what we’ve been

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12 Sep

Website Update

Just a quick note to say that yes, we did change the website design. This has been in the works for a while but other items took a much higher priority. This was mostly in response to a few people who had issues with the font and color scheme. But it also gave us a

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27 Aug

Moored Testing Hurdles, other updates

New Moored Testing Hurdles If you closely follow the New Space industry, you may have read that the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation sent out a letter claiming that a moored vehicle test is considered a launch by the FAA, and as such a waiver, license, or permit from the FAA is required to

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