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19 Jul

StartupRiot, Fall Interns

Startup Riot Michael Mealling mentioned a few posts ago that he did a short pitch on our company at Startup Riot. The video and slides are now online, you can watch them here or here: Share and annotate your videos with Omnisio! There’s probably some stuff in there that we haven’t mentioned here. Interns Our

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23 Jun

0.2 tank fitted, 0.1B plumbed

XA 0.2 progress We received the new tank Jon posted about in his last update, then made the brackets and went through the process of getting it installed in the XA0.2 frame.

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23 May

May 2008 Update

It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote an update, so I figured that now as a good time to stop and take a few minutes to go over what we’ve been up to out here in Mojave. I apologize for the long delay in posting–we’ve been fairly busy over the past

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22 May

Pitching at a Startup Riot

Share and annotate your videos with Omnisio!   Earlier this week I did my shortest investment pitch yet. The official length was 1 minute 40 seconds. This was part of an event in Atlanta called Startup Riot put on by the amazing Sanjay Parekh. Out of the 55 companies presenting, ours was one of the

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09 Apr

Summer and Fall Internships

Just wanted to post a short note letting people know that we’ve now selected two interns for this summer, and therefore will no longer be taking applications for this summer. However, due to a surprising amount of interest in the possibility of internships for this Fall, we’ve decided to go ahead and offer two internship

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04 Apr

An Old Video and New Pictures

April 2008 already. That means we have been around for four years and we’re still kicking. More importantly, we are still progressing. The coming year looks like it will be exciting. But before I get to what we are planning for next several months, let’s go back a few months to set the stage.

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26 Mar

Space Access & Igniter Qualification

Masten Space Systems will be out in force at Space Access ’08 in Phoenix later this week. Almost everyone involved with the company will be there, and a number of us will be presenting: at 4:50 pm on Friday, Dave Masten will be giving the general Masten Space Systems update. at 8 pm on Friday,

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12 Mar

Mach diamonds

Over the weekend I learned LabVIEW and wrote a virtual instrument to do data acquisition on the igniter cart, and calibrated the pressure transducers earlier this week. Today we ran the igniter three more times, so we can start dialing in the correct nozzle throat diameter and orifice sizes. As expected, the igniter chamber pressure

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07 Mar

Hiring Two Interns

Masten Space Systems is looking for two technical interns for the summer of 2008. Working out of our Mojave, California facilities, you would be directly involved with a variety of interesting projects and would gain experience in working for an innovative space company. You must be a US national, and available for approximately three months

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