Atmospheric Research

For many years, large amounts of atmospheric data have been inferred from satellite measurements. The advent of reusable rockets that return to their launch pad and routinely fly through the upper atmosphere provide a new opportunity to atmopsheric scientists and researchers. At Masten, we look to provide flight opportunities not previously available to those developing new methods of more accurately gauging our atmosphere.

Because Masten can fly multiple times a day or on demand on back to back days, weeks, or months, data sets that have been previously impossible to gather are now possible to collect and examine. Whether you want to fly on demand specifically to benefit your payload or fly as a passive payload on all Masten launch vehicle flights, there’s a slot for you and a business team eager to help find funding.

Do you have something in mind that could benefit from Masten’s suborbital reusable launch vehicles? Let’s talk – we’re actively searching for sensors to include on every flight, packages to fly regularly, or occasional payloads to collect atmospheric data.