meet masten

We’re Masten. The Lunar Landing Company.

A tight confederation of space pioneers, thought leaders, rocket scientists, dreamers and business heavyweights, we’ve been wrangling rocket powered landing from sci-fi into reality for more than 15 years.

From wild napkin ideas to our lab, test site to the surface of the Moon, we’ve been developing the technology it will take to lead humanity to its off-Earth destiny.

Masten Space Systems was born in the Mojave desert in 2004 by our founder and Chief Technology Officer, David Masten, with one idea in mind:

Tear down the barriers to space, partner up with like-minded, passionate space pioneers to create value in the space ecosystem and bring the benefits of space to humans here on Earth.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.

Lower the barriers to space through re-usability and enabling technology of entry descent and landing technologies (EDL) to ensure precise and safe landings on planets and other celestial bodies in our solar system.

Since 2004, we have been committed to rapid re-usability. Our demonstrated re-usability has enabled us to reliably and safely test new technologies aboard our rocket-powered landers. We believe that rockets should operate more like airplanes than ballistic missiles.

This simple mission is our contribution to a shared strategic goal of extending human presence across the solar system.