Resuable & Reliable Engines

We design our engines for reliability, reusability, and performance. This means you can focus on what truly matters – completing your mission successfully.



Description: Igniter fine tuned over hundreds of engine runs for reliable performance, including mid air engine relights.

Status: In use for Xombie, Xodiac, development engines, and M10A Broadsword

Propellants: Oxygen/IPA and Oxygen/Methane



Description: 1200 lbf thrust main engine.

Status: In use for Xodiac

Propellants: LOX/IPA

Mastens Scimitar Engine
Masten 25k Broadsword Engine

M10A Broadsword 


Description: A next generation 25,000 lbf thrust dual expander cycle engine, additively manufactured aluminum thrust chamber assembly.

Status: Matured through the DARPA XS-1 program and in active development under a NASA Tipping Point contract.

Propellants: LOX/Methane



Description: Green hypergol engine for Masten’s lunar lander vehicles.

Status: Currently under development for XL-1T and XL-1.

Propellants: MXP-351



Description: 750 lbf thrust main engine

Status: In use on Xombie

Propellants: LOX/IPA

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