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Lunar Science

Landing multiple times on the surface of the Moon is an extraordinary opportunity to expand the amount of lunar science opportunities and data collected. We want to lead the way in enabling new science opportunities for PIs of all types, and we want to do so in a manner that appropriately uses the opportunities in front of Masten as we head to the lunar surface in 2023.

Engaging Scientists

Masten is working to form a Lunar Science Advisory Board that will advise the company as it helps to open the cislunar environment to all. Stay tuned… and email us at if you want to ensure you’re considered.

Plume-Surface Interaction

One area where Masten has engaged with the scientific community is on plume-surface interaction. For more than 10 years, Masten has been engaged with scientists working to understand the impact of rocket plumes on lunar regolith. We have worked with NASA, private companies, and academics to better understand deep regolith cratering, plume effects, and regolith ejecta as a vehicle touches down.

How can we help?

We may have done some work on plume-surface interaction, but that doesn’t mean we have all the science covered. Our CEO Sean Mahoney recently said “We would love for our lander to be like a Christmas tree with all sorts of sensors hanging all over the place,” and he wasn’t kidding. If there is an opportunity for us to engage with you and your work, let’s chat. Together, let’s find interested stakeholders to support our partnership. We want to enable more lunar science to happen faster, and not waste the data collection opportunities in front of us.

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