Lunar Vehicles

Masten’s Landers

Based on years of terrestrial success, our lunar landers will safely deliver your payload to the surface of the Moon. Masten’s lunar landers blend Masten and NASA best practices to pave the way for lunar cargo delivery.

Masten XL-1 lunar lander


Designed in partnership with the NASA Lunar CATALYST program, XL-1 blends Masten’s years of experience flying vertical landing craft with NASA’s decades of knowledge. Now, Masten is building the first tail number of XL-1 in Mojave, CA for Masten Mission 1, which will carry NASA and commercial payloads to the south pole of the Moon in 2023.


Xeus is a concept Masten has spent significant time developing, with the capability to demonstrate heavy lift cargo delivery to the Moon. This concept is based off landing an upper-stage fuel tank horizontally, providing easy access to the surface for a large amount of payload. Xeus is not actively being pursued, but the core concepts have been developed, and lie in wait for Masten’s customers to expand their lunar cargo delivery capability.

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