masten tech

Our core technology is all about reusability — reducing cost and increasing the reliability of your mission. Developed for precision performance, our vertical take off, vertical landing (VTVL) rocket technology advances space exploration and science using our Lunar Landers, Terrestrial Vehicles, and Engines. Our trusted technology can safely land you anywhere in the solar system!

Lunar Landers


Based on years of terrestrial success, our Lunar Landers will safely deliver your payload to the surface of the Moon. Masten’s lunar landers blend Masten and NASA best practices to pave the way for lunar cargo delivery.

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Terrestrial Vehicles


Masten has flown reusable rocket vehicles that take off and land vertically in Mojave, CA more than 600 times over the last 10 years. This experience enables technology demonstration and science objectives to be met quickly and iteratively.

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Our engines power our own vehicles. We care deeply about designing reliable, reusable, and high performance engines that enable our customers to meet their mission objectives.

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    Advanced concepts


    Masten has a long history of leading the way in new technology development and advanced concepts to support various exploration architectures. Masten is currently developing various Electric Pump (E-Pump) solutions, Flight Alumina Spray Technique (FAST) landing pads, and is involved in multiple plume effects research projects.

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