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Across all vehicles, Masten has demonstrated well more than 600 flight operations. These vehicles have provided next-generation precision landing systems the ability to demonstrate their capabilities in flight, enabled plume-surface interaction tests, and built a core competency in vehicle operations that Masten leverages across all business lines. Masten’s experience designing and flying reusable vehicles has led to Masten’s expertise being tapped by DARPA for reusable launch programs and now lays the foundation for returning to the Moon for NASA’s CLPS program.


Masten’s newest vehicle is Xodiac, the fifth in a line of reusable rocket test platforms. Xodiac routinely flies payloads on trajectories to reduce risk and provide truth data to technology developers. Precision landing technologies and landing mitigation technologies are routine beneficiaries of the Xodiac flight test platform.

Xodiac takes off and lands vertically, is fully reusable, and can fly multiple times a day supported by a small team.

Our flight on the Masten Xodiac rocket as part of the NASA Flight Opportunities Program gave our young startup a kickstart. Working with Masten and their Xodiac rocket allowed us to obtain measurements from our instrument critical for anchoring our performance models. Overall the Masten flight was a big success for Psionic, and we look forward to further test flights on Xodiac

Steve Sandford

Founder & CTO, Psionic

Other Vehicles

Xombie (pictured here) is the oldest vehicle in the Masten fleet, with a world record 227 rocket powered VTVL flights. Xombie is currently in semi-retirement with Xodiac taking most of the terrestrial flight load, but Xombies never really die… You may see Xombie rise again.


Xoie, Xaero, and Xaero-B are other terrestrial vehicles from our XA-0.1 family of reusable rocket vehicles. Xoie won the NASA-funded Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge in 2009, expending the same ∆V as a rocket descending to the lunar surface from lunar orbit and demonstrating reusability. Xaero and Xaero-B were used to demonstrate higher altitude flight operations that informed Masten’s small team launch CONOPS.

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