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Get used to these words. Because landing on the Moon, the Earth, or anywhere in the solar system is what Masten Space Systems can do for you. With more than 600 successful VTVL flights, we’ve put our customers right where they need to be. Every time. 

And now Masten is going to the Moon in 2022. And you’re coming with us. Get ready for, “Your mission has landed!” 

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Rocket Platforms


The xl-1

Masten’s XL-1 lunar lander supports hundreds of kilograms of payload capacity. And with NASA as the anchor customer for our 2022 mission to the south pole of the Moon, the XL-1 still has available payload space for commercial customers, like you! Ready to take your mission to the Moon?

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Retire risk and mature your technology with Masten’s Testbed Services. Our reusable suborbital VTVL rockets provide commercial customers and government agencies with a rocket-powered flight test environment to demonstrate technologies related to entry, descent, and landing.

Our precision rocket landings offer exclusive flight test opportunities:
– Descent and landing technology demonstration
– Surface interaction data collection
– Surface sample integration and testing
– High fidelity flight profile
– Instrument integration experience
– Integration into other payloads
– Real world data refinement and validation of simulation
– Operational integration experience
– Form and fit testing and validation

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Lunar Landers


Terrestrial Vehicles 




Masten’s core technology is all about reusability — reducing cost and increasing the reliability of your mission. Developed for precision performance, our vertical take off, vertical landing (VTVL) rocket technology advances space exploration and science using our Lunar Landers, Terrestrial Vehicles, and Engines. Our trusted technology can safely land you anywhere in the solar system!

Lunar Landers
Based on years of terrestrial success, our Lunar Landers will safely deliver your payload to the surface of the Moon.

Terrestrial Vehicles
With more than 600 successful flights under our belt, our VTVL technology is the payload testbed solution you need to advance your technology or conduct research.

We design our engines first for reliability, re-usability, and performance. This means you can focus on what truly matters – completing your mission successfully. 

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Add ‘landing on the Moon’ to your resume! We’re adding new team members to help us complete our first mission to the lunar surface, and beyond. 

Masten Space Systems celebrates diversity and takes pride in fostering an inclusive, welcoming company culture. Do you think you have what it takes to join the Masten team? 

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