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08/28/2020 – A New Moon Race Features Companies Vying For The First Private Landing  (Forbes)
07/01/2020 – A New Approach to Lunar Robots (AFCEA International)
06/24/2020 – How Will We Handle Lunar Dust Without Landing Pads? (The Space Resource)
06/09/2020 – Successful Hot-Fire Test of Metal 3D-Printed Fuel Injector from Elementum 3D & Masten Space Systems (
06/02/2020 – The 15 coolest space companies using AM (3d Printing Media Network)
06/02/2020 – Masten Space Systems: Preparing For a Long-Term Presence on the Moon (Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems)
05/28/2020 – USAF Prime Contract to Masten Space to Support U.S. Special Operations Forces (Satnews Daily)
05/27/2020 – Elementum 3D and Masten Space complete hot fire testing of PermiAM fuel injector (Metal AM)
05/26/2020 – Private Companies Are Spreading Their Wings. Who Will Take Americans Back to the Moon? (Science World Report)
05/20/2020 – Masten Moon Rocket Has Landing Pad, Will Travel (Hackaday)
05/12/2020 – Masten Space Systems successfully tests e-pump 3D printed by Elementum 3D (3D Printing Media Network)
04/30/2020 – Episode T+156: Sean Mahoney, CEO of Masten Space Systems (Main Engine Cut Off)
04/23/2020 – Masten Moon Rocket Has Landing Pad, Will Travel (IEEE Spectrum)
04/14/2020 – Masten Space Systems To Deliver Eight Payloads to Moon In 2022 (Mönch Publishing Group)
04/07/2020 – Instant Landing Pads for Artemis Lunar Missions (NASA)
02/28/2020 – AFRL, Masten Space Systems, NASA Successfully Test Methane Engine (Wright Patterson AFB)
01/03/2020 – Flight research center was busy in 2019 (Antelope Valley Press)


10/08/2019 – Masten partners with MSBAI for AI-Augmented Space Flight (Cision PR Newswire)
09/10/2019 – NASA Tests Autonomous Lunar Landing Technology (Universe Today)
08/19/2019 – The Future of Commercial Space Transportation (The Space Review)
07/19/2019 – NASA says we will start Harvesting Precious Resources like Platinum from the Moon ‘This Century’ (Daily Mail)
06/26/2019 – The World’s Smallest Big Rocket Company (MIT Technology Review)
06/07/2019 – NASA Allowing Commercial Travel to International Space Station, but It’ll Cost You (Fox Business)
05/31/2019 – Meet the Companies Trying to put Humans Back on the Moon (Astronomy Magazine)


12/14/2018 – Masten Space Systems Wins NASA Contract for Moon Mission Flights (Mojave Desert News)
12/11/2018 – Masten Space Systems: AM will Help us go Back to the Moon (3DPMN)
12/03/2018 – Three Ways to the Moon (The Space Review)
11/30/2018 – America’s Next Moon Landing won’t be Made by NASA (New York Post)
11/30/2018 – NASA Picks Nine Companies for $2.6 Billion Moon Payload Program (Industry Week)
06/06/2018 – It’s Rocket Science: Testing PlanetVac in the Mojave Desert (The Planetary Society)


11/03/2017 – Mojave company partners with NASA on lunar cargo deliveries (The Bakersfield Californian)
09/18/2017 – Space Launch Innovation at Masten with Numeca Software (Numeca International)
09/03/2017 – 3D Printed Rockets With Dave Masten – Orbit 10.32 (TMRO)
06/13/2017 – COBALT Flight Demonstrations Fuse Technologies (NASA Video)
04/14/2017 – NASA Precision Landing Technologies Completes Initial Flight Tests (NASA Video)
04/09/2017 – Masten Space Systems Wins NASA Contract – (TWC News)
03/23/2017 – COBALT and Masten Tether Flight Video (NasaTV)
03/17/2017 – COBALT Flight Demonstrations Fuse Technologies (NASA)
02/22/2017 – NASA Establishes New Public-Private Partnerships to Advance US Space Capabilities (NASA)
02/22/2017 – Monitoring System Allows Multiple Experiments to be Flown Together (NASA)
01/24/2017 – Ep. 93 – Masten Tech Chris Hofmann Interview  (The Orbital Mechanics)


12/07/2016 – Laser-Based Navigation Sensors Could Be Standard For Planetary Landing Missions (ParabolicArc)
10/23/2016 – Masten Space Systems on TMRO (TMRO)
10/12/2016 – Masten Tests New Green Fuel (ParabolicArc)
10/06/2016 – Masten Tests Mars 2020 Lander Vision System For NASA (ParabolicArc)
09/16/2016 – Space Launch Innovation at Masten Space Systems with NUMECA Software (Numeca)
09/01/2016 – From Racecars To Rockets (StemJobs.Com Fall 16)
06/09/2016 – Whitesides, Masten Engineer Hopkins Selected for Space Camp HOF (ParabolicArc)
04/28/2016 – Masten Selected for NASA SBIR for Methane Mars Ascent Engine (ParabolicArc)
02/19/2016 – Space Invaders: The Entrepreneurs Taking Humans Into Space (Economist Films)
01/01/2016 – Supercomputers Lower the Cost of Space Access (Digital Engineering)


10/14/2015 – The Rocket Man Who Wants to Beat The Billionaires (Popular Mechanics)
10/10/2015 – Confessions of a Private Space Engineer (Popular Mechanics)
08/24/2015 – How Masten Space Will Get Us To The Moon and Mars (TMRO)
02/09/2015 – The Worlds Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Space (Fast Company)
02/01/2015 – Dave Masten Interview (TMRO)


08/26/2014 – Masten Space Systems Aims High on DARPA XS-1 Program (
07/27/2014 – Dave Masten and DARPA (TMRO)


04/03/2013 – A Xombie Simulates Landing On An Asteroid (Wired)

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The Moon has A LOT of razor-sharp dust... but Masten is up for the challenge! We just wrapped up our FAST Landing Pad study, proving the concept is feasible for building near-instant landing pads during a lunar descent. 🌔

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