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#Moon, why you gotta be so cold? 🥶

Temperatures on the lunar surface can drop as low as -232°C. This is a huge challenge for lunar landers & payloads, but we've got a solution...

Introducing #NITE, a system that delivers both heat 🔥 & power 🔌.

ICYMI: We're developing FAST Landing Pads to mitigate razor-sharp lunar dust. Learn more about this tech with Matthew Kuhns (VP, R&D) at the Lunar Surface Science Workshop!

📅 Thurs, Jan. 27
🕐 11:30 am PST
💸 Free

Register here:

#SpaceScience #Moon

🏠 Home, home on Lagrange! We successfully completed our burn to start #NASAWebb on its orbit of the 2nd Lagrange point (L2), about a million miles (1.5 million km) from Earth. It will orbit the Sun, in line with Earth, as it orbits L2. #UnfoldTheUniverse

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