Masten and P3 Technologies Team Up to Offer Line of Electric Pumps

Jul 15, 2019 | Press Release

Companies join forces to offer line of compact, high-power density, and high-performance electric pumps

Masten Space Systems and P3 Technologies have joined forces to offer a line of compact, high power density, high-performance electric pumps.  This collaboration integrates Masten’s proprietary electric motor and controller technology with P3’s advanced pump technology. The first use of this technology is in NASA’s Artemis program, where it is helping return humans to the moon.

The initial product launch, expected in mid-2020, will include pumps for liquid methane, liquid oxygen, and RP for engines in the 5 – 10K pound force thrust class.  This initial introduction will be followed by a liquid hydrogen pump later the same year and additional thrust classes the following year.

“This is a logical commercialization of our development work”, says Sean Mahoney, CEO of Masten Space Systems.  “The e-Pump product line is the result of several years of development.” 

Matt Kuhns, Masten Chief Engineer, adds, “Our e-Pumps enable increased mission capability due to increased system level performance and reduced weight, and they are less costly than turbopumps as well”. 

“The e-Pump has several operability advantages over turbine driven pumps in these smaller thrust classes”, added Philip Pelfrey, President of P3 Technologies.  “They don’t have the pressure drop associated with the turbine, and enable rapid engine starts and throttle changes, which are advantageous to in-space and lander propulsion systems”.

About Masten Space Systems
Masten Space Systems is a space infrastructure company enabling sustainable access and utilization of the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Founded in 2004, Masten has been building and flying reusable rockets for nearly two decades with the most successful rocket-powered landings in the industry. Masten is now applying its rocket operations experience and rapid, iterative approach to accelerate space ecosystems and enable new commercial applications. The company’s end-to-end mission solutions include everything from tech development and rocket testing to off-Earth delivery and operations. Based in Mojave, California, Masten aims to unlock the value in space to benefit humans on Earth, starting with Masten Mission One to the lunar south pole. For more information, visit

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