Masten Space Systems is a vertically integrated aerospace R&D and flight services company creating and deploying reliable, reusable rocket vehicles and components. The company builds regeneratively cooled bipropellant propulsion systems and fully reusable vertical takeoff and landing launch vehicles. Masten focuses on unmanned suborbital flights.

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Astrobotic Technology And Masten Perform Visually Guided Precision Landing

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NASA partners with Masten for Lunar CATALYST

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Xaero-B Rising

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Scimitar Rocket Engine


Masten’s goal is to improve the technologies required for increased exploration of the solar system. We work toward our goal by enabling our customers to test descent and landing trajectories rapidly and safely. We can fly five times a day and have software on board that flies the vehicle safely home if we have to abort in flight.

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Engineering Positions - We’ve opened the hiring doors a bit wider! There are some very exciting things brewing for Masten Space Systems – things we can’t talk about publicly, but if you join the team you’ll get the inside scoop. We are looking for an experienced rocket propulsion engineer and design engineer to join us in Mojave. This